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Five useful plug-ins for WordPress

Which plug-ins will make your website faster, safer and easier to use? Find out all about it here.

1. Improve speed

LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed is a plug-in that allows you to improve a lot of technical aspects of your website in no time. All of LiteSpeed’s features and settings are aimed at optimising your website and making it faster. This will make your WordPress website work even more to your advantage!


This plug-in has a number of presets, so you can do a lot of optimisations at the touch of a button. Pages are cached so visitors can see them faster. Images are made smaller and so your pages load even faster.

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More information (in English) can be found on LiteSpeed’s creator’s dedicated website. Price: this is a free plug-in.

2. Optimal security

Wordfence Premium

Make your website more secure
Wordfence Premium plays an important role in keeping your website secure. This handy plug-in offers a lot of protection and all with a clear interface. Below are some of the key features.

Works as a firewall
This plug-in works like a firewall as you might know from Windows computers. Wordfence identifies malicious traffic to the website and blocks that traffic. An advantage of the paid Premium version is that the rules and information on recognising malware are readily available (in real-time). With the free version, there is a 30-day delay before you get the latest updates for this kind of detection. So, to immediately respond to new threats, the Premium version is the best choice.

Gives you information about the security of your website
This plug-in scans your website regularly to make sure everything is still in order. Your WordPress installation, template and plug-ins will be checked to see if something might be wrong, or if a necessary update is available for it. Wordfence will let you know in its own dashboard or via an email. Pretty convenient!

Login with 2FA security
A handy extra feature is the fact that you can further secure the login in WordPress. 2FA stands for two factor authentication, meaning two actions are taken before you are logged in. You may already know this from your banking or other apps and websites where you not only have to log in with your name/email address + password, but also request and enter a code on your phone. This too is now possible with WordPress and Wordfence. You easily set up that you receive a code via Google Authenticator, for example, which you have to type in before accessing WordPress anyway. An extra layer of security, making it even harder for hackers to crack your account and abuse your website.

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You can order the Premium version via the link below. Price: currently, the plug-in costs US$120 per year.

3. Reduce images in size


To best present your website to your visitors, speed is an important factor. But of course, you want to present your visitors with something fun and you might need images to reinforce your story. However, images are sometimes quite heavy to load. And that’s where Smush comes in!


Smush lets you reduce your images in size. We call this compression. The images are still fine in terms of quality, but take a whole lot less time to load. In addition, this plug-in converts them into the modern Webp format. This further improves the speed of your web pages. All in all, a handy plug-in that also makes the images you already have on your website smaller (and then everything else you upload in images too).

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More information (in English) can be found on this page about the plug-in for WordPress. Price: this is a free plug-in. There is also a Pro version with more advanced settings/functions.

4. Complying with cookie and privacy legislation

Cookie Compliance

Prepare your website for cookie consent requirements related to GDPR (AVG), CCPA, DSGVO, EU cookie legislation and notification requirements with this powerful, easy-to-use, well-supported and free WordPress plugin. With GDPR Cookie Compliance from Moove Agency, you can easily set up notifications for visitors to your website to ensure compliance with legislation on privacy and the use of cookies.

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More information (in English) can be found on this page about the plug-in for WordPress. Price: this is a free plug-in. A Premium version is also available for GBP59 a year.

5. Duplicate pages

Yoast Duplicate Post

Sometimes it can be convenient not to have to completely reformat a certain type of page or post in WordPress. That’s where this handy plug-in can help. Read below to find out how.


Instead of creating a new page or post every time, it can sometimes be useful to keep a fixed layout and change only the content and images. This ensures consistent and recognisable formatting. The Yoast Duplicate Post plug-in is there to help you with that. Once installed, you can then very easily copy a post or page to a new draft. You will then modify that draft with your new texts, titles and images, allowing you to post new content while maintaining the same formatting and layout. It saves time and makes your content recognisable to your visitor.

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More information (in English) can be found on this page about the plug-in for WordPress. Price: this is a free plug-in.